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About us



To reach the world for Jesus Christ through the empowering teachings of faith, hope, salvation, and through the proclamation that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Son of God the Father, and the Head of the church.

Purpose Statement

To provide a place where the hurting, depressed, frustrated, and confused can find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement.

To change lives; heal and restore relationships in families, the community, and around the world through Evangelism Outreach and the Family Life Center.

To prepare leaders for the 21st Century, help believers discover their true purpose, and develop individual potential and spiritual maturity through bible studies, conferences, seminars, trainings, and through educational development at the Christian Bible Seminary Theology of Florida

Our vision of church planting is believing in the branching and coverage of a widespread religion. Teaching those who have not seen the light of our Savior and helping them learn the Bible. Many people today forget that if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, we wouldn’t be here right now. He has died for my sins and everyone else’s sins. I believe that when you learn this and accept this, you’ll truly understand why he did it. God nurtures us with his protection and blessing by the little things in our lives. He gives us the ability to just breathe and see with what most people don’t have the opportunity to do. Church planting to me is like a large, healthy tree with many roots and branches.


The tree is God itself and the branches are the churches all around the world. The leaves are the people attached to these churches. The word of God is the nutrients that helps the tree grow and live long. The word passes through the branches from the core to the leaves to keep them green and pass on to others."  -Dr. Rev. Michel Salomon

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