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My parents sent me to school at an early age, always wanting me to have a good education. I attended one school from
kindergarten through middle school, and I was transferred to another school where I lived with Christian relatives who led me on the right path to Christ. This was May 6 th, 1976 and I felt this was a calling from God. I participated in everything in church from Sunday school to Youth Bible study and I became a follower of Jesus Christ and his word.


In 1978, I received a message saying that my father was ill from an attack by the devil. I returned to the countryside where my father
had lived. When I arrived there it looked like there was no chance of him surviving because he could not get out of bed and looked as if he were dead. I knew that with God nothing was impossible. I laid my hands on his head and prayed then suddenly he began to shake violently. He fell off the bed onto the floor and began to vomit all over, But I still prayed. When I looked down
at my father he opened his eyes and began to recover, it was a miracle. God had completely and
instantaneously delivered my father from his life of voodoo and he accepted Jesus Christ as his
savior. My father decided to burn everything from the devil so did my mother and the rest of my
family. My father was delivered from voodoo and has been serving Christ ever since. From 1980 through 1884, I attended Bible College where I received a degree in theology.

After a couple months, I was assigned a leadership role in 26 churches in central Haiti. After 2 years, I was transferred to north Haiti to be a leader and a church planter. Then 2 more years later in 1988,1 was sent to plant a church in Gonaives, Haiti which I grew to an estimated 1,000 people. Following that I planted five other churches with an estimate of 5,000 people. Currently I am
currently in the United States and have been planting churches with my Church mother in South
Florida under my Ministry Faith Temple Of Boca Raton, Outreach Ministry.

I have been asked to plant churches in the Dominican Republic with my mother's church and during the last summer vacation I went on a missionary with my wife and 3 younger boys to Santo By grace of God we have planted four other churches with an attendance of 400 people and in the Dominican Republic, two new churches. This has been keeping my busy working day and night.
As a pastor, I conduct two services on Sunday mornings, Sunday night worship, Monday evening
prayer meeting and Bible Study every Wednesday and Friday nights. In order to provide for my
wife and six boys ages from 9 to 20,1 am employed full time as a baker at a Publix Supermarket.

My additional responsibilities include:

  • Ministering to over 1,000 people in Florida

  • Training Sunday School teachers

  • Training leaders of worship

  • Training disciples to become leaders

  • Preparing sermons for services in the church

  • Evangelizing in the Haitian community

Assisting and encouraging the leadership for four churches in Gonaives, Haiti, with over 5,000
people in attendance Assisting and encouraging the leadership for six churches in Cayes, Haiti
2,000 people in attendance Overseeing a school with over 500 students and a medical clinic in Les Cayes, Haiti(Plaisance)
My desire is to work full time for God. My goal as a leader is to reach the Haitian communities in Florida, and neighboring states and to plant more churches, to train more disciples. The need is so great. I ask for God's provision to complete the work and he began when he called me into the Church 

"My vision of church planting is believing in the branching and coverage of a widespread religion.
Teaching those who have not seen the light of our Savior and helping them learn the Bible. Many
people today forget that if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ, we wouldn’t be here right now. He has died
for my sins and everyone else’s sins. I believe that when you learn this and accept this, you’ll truly
understand why he did it. God nurtures us with his protection and blessing by the little things in
our lives. He gives us the ability to just breathe and see with what most people don’t have the
opportunity to do. Church planting to me is like a large, healthy tree with many roots and branches.
The tree is God itself and the branches are the churches all around the world. The leaves are the
people attached to these churches. The word of God is the nutrients that helps the tree grow and
live long. The word passes through the branches from the core to the leaves
to keep them green and pass on to others."

-Rev. Michel Salomon

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